Oh and with regards to my new blog, you may follow it if you like, if not then oh well.
Take a peep, you might like it.

I think at this point we’ve come to realize how I haven’t been posting in months, this blog is probably inactive as fuck and I apologize. I just had to take time apart from this to redirect my life and get it back on track, the past few months have to have been the worst but I can say I’m doing okay now and mean it. I have also come to the realization that all this blogging about how sad and twisted I am will not help me heal, instead it keeps me in a constant state of anxiety and makes me feel even worse. Blogging about my depression was supposed to help me fix it and heal, not constantly trigger emotions in me that I was trying not to feel. This blog kept me in a box of darkness that I was trying to avoid, it did more harm than good so I had to get away from this. I have to admit it was hard AF to try avoid blogging but my friend suggested I start a new blog, a positive blog, something about different things, all the stuff I hoped for and prayed to achieve before I got consumed by a dark cloud, I did and it helped me wonders. I have grown into a Better person and learnt to let go of the things I cannot change. I can honestly look in the mirror now and say things will get better and I no longer want to be depressions bitch. *sends positive vibes your way* This page will continue to be inactive and I do advise you too to stop and think about how to help yourself, there’s no point in holding onto the past and all of the memories that trigger emotions you don’t like, it’s hard yes, but you can change for the better.
With love & positivity
Connie ❤️



This. This is 19 years explained.

I love this woman

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in the morning with Pesky 

Photos by Anna Demarco

"Those Who Are Against Us Turn Whispers To Screams."

{ photo } Anna Demarco

2014 / Philadelphia

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Check out this video done for me by a fan … m.youtube.com/watch?v=-A7dBM… - I love my followers :-)


Check out this video done for me by a fan … m.youtube.com/watch?v=-A7dBM… - I love my followers :-)

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So today I literally dreamt my fiancee. She was just reading a book in the porch. But the way her hair were pushed back over her left shoulder, the way her eyes were shinning in the sunlight, the way her hands were touching the…

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One of the women who impacted my life musically forever .

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